How can I get a job or internship if I have no experience?

An internship will be your exposure to the real work environment, and you will receive hands-on training from the experts in the industry. Students who are applying for traineeship are not expected to know about the involved processes. Your potential employers will value skills you may have developed over the years from academic learning and extracurricular experiences while you are in school.

According to most employers, you are still a student and you will not have too many job-specific skills. Internships and summer jobs are going to hone your job skills, communication skills, management skills and analytical skills. Your performance as an intern will be the representative of your learning aptitude and your performance as an employee.

If you think the position you are applying for requires highly specialised skills, you may want to step back and reconsider. Look for a regular position in a similar setting where you will be comfortable, and you will be able to learn new skills as well.