Can I get academic credit for my internship?

Only your academic department can provide you with the correct information about academic credit terms. While students can get extra credit and academic credit from summer and all-year internships, it is clearly at the discretion of their academic departments.

Hoverer, there are many companies that require their interns (students) to receive academic credits due to liability issues. Most companies have strict labor guidelines about non-paid work as well. Here, the academic credit is a form of payment. Some companies may also agree to list you as a volunteer if you want to opt out of your credit options or if your school does not provide academic credits for traineeship.

You should consult with the HR of your target company about their liability policies well before you commit yourself to the position. International students have a unique set of rules and academic credit requirements. You should consult the available International Office in your school premises for more information on your likelihood of getting work authorization and academic credit.