What are some benefits of internships and student work experience?

A structured work experience based on your academic skills will help you in the following ways –

You can make new and valuable industry contacts. This will help you secure a job in the future. This will get you in touch with more professionals. You can get useful references. Internships are the stars on your resume. You will be able to display your industry experience, accolades, and acquired skills in a comprehensive and verifiable manner. A relevant part-time job gives you the only chance to test your academic skills on the field during your student life. You can convert your theoretical knowledge into industry skills as well. It will help you decide on your potential career choices. If will expose you to a real work environment and it will give you the chance to see how well you can adapt. You will be solving problems first hand. This is a unique experience for all students. You can also get a paid position that can help you with your school/college funds.