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Do you have a solution to fix Unpaid Internships?

  • It can be anything: Government Legislation, University Rules etc.
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  • Try to find a solution to please both sides of the argument
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  • Closing date – 10th Dec 2016. Winner announced 30th Dec 2016
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Make a check field on Job posting sites

Especially graduate internship jobs ads must fulfill the paid criteria.Even if it’s a little sum of money at the very least it should cover transport expenses. Read More →



Start giving out benefits and programs to the people in the internships that are worth some type of substantial gain besides experience. In a sense there almost student athletes because these people will work for other companies but we need to allow them to portray their ideas. Read More →


Graduates have information that companies should pay for!!

Unpaid internships should be limited work integrated learning for university courses, as early in one’s career, experience trumps all monetary value. Companies need to understand that graduates have gained immense amounts of information while studying; they have the ability to revolutionize the industry and therefore need to be paid. Unpaid internships are depicted as free labor!. Happy employees = increased productivity! Read More →


Make unpaid internships illegal for companies with 10 employees or more

Some unpaid internships have a positive impact in smaller companies who can not afford to pay a full time wage but who can provide excellent hands on experience for students in a young startup. So by passing a law that makes unpaid internships illegal for companies with 10 employees or more we can eliminate the majority of employers exploiting students but also keep the advantages of unpaid internships as well. Read More →


All internships must be linked to training / education

I believe we should introduce a law that requires all types of internships (including unpaid internships) to be directly linked to a college / university course and can only be done during course timeline. This will reduce the amount of employers taking advantage of the unpaid internships after students leave university and enter the workforce. Read More →


Each internship should require government approval

The government should take control of the internship process and implement a full list of requirements that all internship employers must meet. Including an inspection process to determine whether or not an internship licence should be granted to that employer. This will stop employers from easily flooding the jobs market with unpaid internships Read More →


Allow universities to regulate each internship

We should hand over the responsibility to universities to make sure that each and every paid or unpaid internship meets their students requirements. Provide them also with the responsibility of ensuring that the employer is not clearly taking advantage of getting free labour by providing an unpaid internship Read More →


Make all unpaid internships completely illegal

You are delusional if you argue that there are any advantages to unpaid internships. They are total exploitation of young people and they only encourage others to do so. On top of the long list of expensive problems facing students they are making it even harder for young people to clear college debt and get a livable wage. Read More →